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A Real Kickstart

Nov 04, 2012

Then I’ve been watching Kickstarter for nearly two years. The site has evolved a lot during that time. I loved the spirit of product development on Kickstarter when I first found it. Everyone was literally working out of their garage and developing innovative products. Now More recently there have been a number of very successful [...]

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Kickstarter approved

Oct 15, 2012

We jumped through the last set of hoops and are ready to go live on Here is the low down, in case it helps someone else… There was no way for me to verify my identity on the Kickstarter website, because I do not have a home address in the USA right now. However the [...]

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David Ponce is a Creep ?

Oct 02, 2012

If you don’t know David Ponce (yes that is a real name) then you can consider yourself lucky. It is likely that the last creep you moved away from was David Ponce. David was probably out being a sleaze ball instead of attending Psychology 101. If David had attended Psychology 101 he would know that the judgements he makes [...]

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App Reviews For Cash

Sep 07, 2012

We all receive a lot of spam but this is a new one for me: Your app currently have negative ratings this is due to competitor who are trying to make a wrong impression of you app. We provides Customer reviews and ratings for “free” iTunes apps (iPhone, iPad, iPod). You can contact us any [...]

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Next OlloChapter

Sep 06, 2012

As mentioned in the previous blog entry Olloclip’s lawyers asked Apple to remove the OlloCorrect app from the App Store. Now they have deemed it the time to actually contact us. There is a long letter but the basic request is : Stop using the word OlloCorrect Stop using an eye shaped logo for HiLO Lens [...]

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OlloWhat ?

Sep 05, 2012

A little bit of drama, we just received the following message from Apple regarding the freshly released OlloCorrect app. “On 9/4/2012, we received a notice from Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, LLP that Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, LLP believes the app listed below

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Users we love to….

Sep 04, 2012

OlloCorrect was released on the App store a couple of days ago. There have been a few reviews. One stated “a must have app for all Olloclip lens owners” another said “OlloCorrect, Olloclip best friend!” There is a review in German, another review in Spanish, yet another review in French. They are all positive. However we [...]

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