We jumped through the last set of hoops and are ready to go live on

Here is the low down, in case it helps someone else…

There was no way for me to verify my identity on the Kickstarter website, because I do not have a home address in the USA right now. However the Kickstarter support was able to complete the verification step for me.

We needed to remove a sequence in the Kickstarter film showing an animation. This showed a character filming a concert with HiLO Lens. It broke the rule of “no simulations”. They mean no simulations – even if the current prototype can do what is shown in the simulation.

We needed to remove the reward which included an iPhone + iPad version of HiLO Lens. You need to choose to reward with individual items or a set. You can’t offer some individual items and a set. I don’t understand the logic of this and did not get a clarification on this point.

It took about 5 days to get a reply, so best to avoid the need for clarifications and play it safe.