If you don’t know David Ponce (yes that is a real name) then you can consider yourself lucky. It is likely that the last creep you moved away from was David Ponce. David was probably out being a sleaze ball instead of attending Psychology 101.

If David had attended Psychology 101 he would know that the judgements he makes are a reflection of the way he sees the world. David is the owner, editor, writer and coffee boy at OhGizmo, a blog where he decided to do a review of the HiLO Lens.

Some people see a kitchen knife as a cooking utensil and some people see a kitchen knife as a means for killing people. Luckily there are very few of these lunatics in the world. They usually keep themselves well hidden. Now David has done us the honor of coming out of the closet as a pervert. You see the first idea that came into David’s mind when he saw HiLO Lens was a “Creep’s best friend”. There is one creep in this story David and you get to look in his eyes every day.

If you think that HiLO Lens is going to help you be a pervert or creep then you are not only demonstrating your own twisted mindset but also your stupidity. Being able to take a photo to the right or left (which David suggests doing) means you can capture an image that you would see by turning your head. So when David gets himself into these situations I suggest he save his money and turn his head to satisfy his creepy urges.

David please go and find another product to abuse. I’m sure you own a long list or spend hours dreaming about the creepy things you want to be doing. We don’t need or desire your creepy advertising of HiLO Lens to other creeps reading your blog.

We can thank David Ponce for doing one thing and that is exposing his perverted creepy mindset for what it is. David you have a long path to travel, I suggest you start by turning around and reversing up to the point where you missed that psy 101 class. Read the book have a good long hard think and choose a different path – one that does not involve writing.