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Centering HiLO Lens

Nov 10, 2013

It is only fair to have images explaining how to align HiLO Lens! An alternative to the tacky pad is the custom designed iPhone case, you’ll find more about the HiLO X Grip case for iPhone on our shop. We also have an iPod Touch case compatible with HiLO Lens sold through Shapeways    

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Why You Won’t Drop Your iPhone

Nov 04, 2013
_DSC9979  674x501

The HiLO X Grip case increases your grip and reduces the chance of a drop. An everyday case that is super thin and compatible with the HiLO Lens. It’s not your grandmother’s phone case and deserves some explanation! The shape of smartphones makes them easy to drop – they are smooth. The size of the [...]

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HiLO Lens on the iPod Touch5

Oct 05, 2013

The iPod Touch5 can now be used the HiLO Lens! The camera of the iPod Touch5 protrudes but our case allows the HiLO Lens to slot on in perfect position. The case is available on Shapeways – it is 3D printed on demand and costs $15. Remove the tacky pad from the HiLO Lens and [...]

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Theft – an Unwanted Form of Flattery

Sep 25, 2013

Consumer products made in China are the lifeblood of many US retailers. Chinese suppliers adapt to meet the demand, making a trade-off between quality and price. Some of the highest quality consumer products, like leading smartphones, are assembled in China. There are also some very poor quality products that rip off customers. Some retailers, like [...]

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How to align the HiLO Lens

Aug 22, 2013
iPhone 5 HiLO X Case

This is an art more than a science but I’ve found the following helpful: Make sure any bright light is behind you and shining into the HiLO Lens Hold HiLO Lens close to the camera but not touching You should be able to see the iPhone/iPad camera pupil in the lens Center the pupil in the HiLO [...]

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HiLO Lens is Shopified

Aug 21, 2013

The homepage of HiLO Lens now offers the HiLO Lens for sale. That completes the circle to a large extent. From idea to retail you have seen it all unfold. Once the Kickstarter began most of the progress updates were done through Kickstarter, quite a lot of those are public. Now that the Kickstarter rewards have [...]

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Latest News About HiLO

Apr 06, 2013

Please see our update#33 on Kickstarter. If you did not back the project on Kickstarter then availability will be around August/September. This has been pushed back (from May/June) due to some unforeseen production concerns. HiLO Lens started shipping to Kickstarter backers in June.

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Too many channels

Dec 05, 2012

I’m not talking about television but publishing on the web. With HiLO Lens we have Kickstarter updates, Kickstarter comments, email, blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr… The list goes on and I can’t keep up. I’m sure those of you following the project saw us reach our goal AND our stretch goal on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter [...]

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