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111% with 7 days to go

Nov 14, 2012

It has been awesome watching our Kickstarter project climb over the 100% level and keep going! We still have a week to go so there is plenty of potential yet. We have a stretch goal in sight – If we reach 136% then we will add a voice activated shutter to the HiLO Lens app. [...]

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A Real Kickstart

Nov 04, 2012

Then I’ve been watching Kickstarter for nearly two years. The site has evolved a lot during that time. I loved the spirit of product development on Kickstarter when I first found it. Everyone was literally working out of their garage and developing innovative products. Now More recently there have been a number of very successful [...]

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Videography and HiLO Lens

Oct 21, 2012

We’ve asked about your plans for using HiLO Lens and videography has come up often. We agree – HiLO Lens is awesome for getting unique video angles. A few weeks ago I was in Union Square, NYC with a friend. We came across an amazing street performer playing the Hang instrument - a beautiful and unique sound. Javier from let us [...]

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Kickstarter tightening things up

Sep 30, 2012

We have finished editing the video for Kickstarter. I look and sound ridiculous so you’ll at least get a laugh out it! Today I was hoping to complete the Kickstarter project submission. It has been quite some time since I logged into the Kickstarter account. Some new steps have been added. In particular there are [...]

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Amazon Approved, next step Kickstarter

Apr 19, 2012

The bank statement fax was received the second time by Amazon and the account approved ! With the latest project submission system for Kickstarter it is possible to complete all steps of the process before submitting for final review. The Amazon Payments Business Account was accepted and is now linked to our Kickstarter account.

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In between Kickstarter and Amazon

Feb 29, 2012

The last few days I’ve been holding my breath for a response from Kickstarter. But no luck there. So that thread dies with no coherent explanation from the person at Kickstarter as to why HiLO Lens did not meet his criteria. However I just went back to check the Kickstarter site and found the new [...]

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More details from Kickstarter

Feb 19, 2012

After a discouraging response from Kickstarter as to why HiLO Lens is not appropriate, we do have a more personalized reply : Thanks for writing in and sharing your idea. With Kickstarter, it’s important to be able to communicate past experience, visual examples of your work, and a comprehensive plan to complete your project within a [...]

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