As mentioned in the previous blog entry Olloclip’s lawyers asked Apple to remove the OlloCorrect app from the App Store. Now they have deemed it the time to actually contact us.

There is a long letter but the basic request is :

  1. Stop using the word OlloCorrect
  2. Stop using an eye shaped logo for HiLO Lens
  3. Pay Olloclip’s lawyers

It is amazing how some people behave. Olloclip is an add-on product that would not exist if it was not for the iPhone. Olloclip has been successful and we’ve made an app that is an add-on for their product. What is good for goose is good for the gander….

Where they get off telling us to change the “eye shaped” logo of HiLO Lens I do not know.

All this from a company that got a start on Kickstarter (where Olloclip was launched). I had dreamt they actually might like to help, instead they wants to take me to court!

Frustratingly, we contacted Olloclip,  below is the email that was sent on 31 July. They did not reply to this email. Clearly too busy preparing their court case…


We’ve developed an app for olloclip. The app performs post-processing of photos and removes the barrel distortion introduced by the wide angle and fish eye lenses. The app also removes the pin-cushion distortion introduced by the macro. The app also reduces the vignetting.

The app uses technology developed for the HiLO Lens. HiLO Lens is a right angle lens for the iPhone and iPad. It is not available yet, we are preparing a Kickstarter launch. We don’t consider HiLO Lens and olloclip to be in direct competition.

I plan on releasing the app to raise awareness of the HiLO Lens project. I don’t want to create any problems for olloclip and I believe that the app will be positive for olloclip. 

Would someone from olloclip like to discuss this project ?

  Mark Hampton
  Creator of HiLO Lens