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OlloCorrect App Available

Aug 31, 2012

After much nail biting the App Store has allowed the OlloCorrect app to become available. A brief reminder : OlloCorrect corrects the geometric distortion introduced by macro, wide angle and fisheye lenses. It is designed to work best with the Olloclip lens accessory. The OlloCorrect user interface was designed by Andrew B White - thanks Andrew! For [...]

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First attempt at the App Store

Aug 22, 2012

Rejected – such harsh words. While waiting on the HiLO Lens pre-production samples we’ve been working on a few apps. The first of these is OlloCorrect which corrects for distortion in the add on lens Olloclip(TM). people who own an Olloclip(TM) will hopefully appreciate this app (it will be free when it launches). These same people [...]

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HiLO Hibernation ?

Aug 10, 2012

It’s winter in the southern hemisphere at the moment but Auckland is not far enough south to hibernate! You may be wondering – what is going on? The goal is still to launch HiLO Lens on Kickstarter. There have been several unforeseen delays in the pre-production samples. This is very frustrating because the iPhone 5  is [...]

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Hands on with HiLO Lens

Jul 22, 2012

Andrew B White is passionate about iPhoneography and currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. As the graphic above (stolen from Andrew’s website) indicates, he is a creative graphic designer, iphoneographer and musician. Andrew has been helping do some creative testing of the HiLO Lens. He is taking one of the prototypes out into the wild to show [...]

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Creative or Inventor

Jul 18, 2012

Recently I looked around for groups where I could exchange ideas. There seems to be a few distinct categories : inventors, designers and artists. The creative process has always interested me. It’s interesting to see how groups form around these names. I imagined the creative process being the same whether applied in art or science or [...]

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New uses for your iPhone

Jul 10, 2012

HiLO Lens makes some things easier, for example ground perspective photography, street photography, self portraits and taking shots in crowds. But lets get more creative. Digital cameras have offered swivel screens for a long time. So the ability to take photos at an angle to the camera’s viewfinder is not a revolution. However most people [...]

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Why not use a mirror ?

Jul 02, 2012

The primary function of HiLO Lens is to reflect an image 90 degrees. The obvious way to do this is with a mirror angled at 45 degrees. We experimented with this idea about a year ago. The iPhone has a large field of view (FOV). The FOV of the iPhone4 is 55° x 41° (close [...]

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HiLO Lens container

Jun 27, 2012

Color samples of the HiLO Lens container. Machined from aluminum and anodized in matte black. Matte black will help reduce any stray light, it reminds me of serious camera gear. These are CNC machined with the tightest tolerances being about a 10th of the diameter of a strand of hair !

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