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Why You Won’t Drop Your iPhone

Nov 04, 2013
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The HiLO X Grip case increases your grip and reduces the chance of a drop. An everyday case that is super thin and compatible with the HiLO Lens. It’s not your grandmother’s phone case and deserves some explanation! The shape of smartphones makes them easy to drop – they are smooth. The size of the [...]

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iPhone microscope !

Jun 21, 2012

OK this does not have much to do with HiLO Lens. But searching the web for iPhone camera stuff turns up some amazing things. Check out a microscope hack for iPhone. Could be a real alternative for in the field diagnosis. Cool idea.

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May 11, 2012

Joe Mio saw the potential of Instagram before Facebook bought them for $1 billion. He created a web browser interface for Instagram. The service lets people with or without the Instagram app see photos published to the Instagram network.  

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Sneak Peek of HiLO Lens

Apr 27, 2012

The design has settled down so lets take a look… You may be wondering how the lens is holding on to the iPhone ? A magic material know as polyurethane gel has a tacky surface structure. One side of the gel pad is stuck permanently to our lens. The other side sticks temporarily to the iPhone. It [...]

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BubbleScope Review

Feb 21, 2012

iPhone camera accessory review Dying to get your hands on the latest 360-degree imaging accessories for iPhones, Android phones, or Windows phones? Check out BubblePix’s BubbleScope. And if you’ve ever been involved in crowd funding or you want to become involved, read on because you may be among the few people who get to show [...]

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iShutter Review

Feb 05, 2012

iPhone camera accessory review Many of us wish our cell phone cameras could work as well as, if not better than, our point-and-shoot cameras: cell phones are usually what we have with us at a party, corporate gathering, or any other event. We just love documenting our lives through photos that we commonly share online [...]

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Griffin Clarifi Review

Jan 23, 2012

iPhone camera accessory review Cameras have become so small these days, so it’s not surprising to find miniscule camera accessories being sold everywhere. In fact, many people tend to favor them because they’re so convenient to carry around, making them more likely to be used. If you have yet to see an example of what [...]

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