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Safest Way to Photograph an Eclipse

Nov 07, 2012

Yet another great use for HiLO Lens (thanks for the suggestion Pavel) is taking photos of eclipses, with your iPhone/iPad, without risking your eyes! Attach HiLO Lens and hold your iDevice at waist level so you can look down to see the screen. By tilting the iDevice up you should be able to view the [...]

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Awesome photos from Andrew

Sep 11, 2012

Previously Andrew B White took HiLO Lens out on a date. Now they have gone on a second date and the results are fantastic. I’ll let the photos do the talking, they are all taken with the HiLO Lens and edited on the iPhone. Thanks so much Andrew!

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HiLO Lens for Foodies

Jun 05, 2012

For all the foodie photo fanatics out there… It’s a challenge to take good photos without becoming the spectacle in a restaurant. Typical photos can look cluttered because of the angle. HiLO Lens allows for more discreet photos. Sitting at the table, holding the iPhone at eye level and viewing the screen, we can get a real [...]

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iPadography !

May 17, 2012

You may have heard of iPhoneography – the use of the iPhone for more serious photography. Well there is also iPadography ! Even if there are 21 Reasons You Should Never Take Pictures With An iPad a lot of people are pulling the iPad out for photography. Using the iPad for photo and video editing is a great [...]

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Sneak Peek of HiLO Lens

Apr 27, 2012

The design has settled down so lets take a look… You may be wondering how the lens is holding on to the iPhone ? A magic material know as polyurethane gel has a tacky surface structure. One side of the gel pad is stuck permanently to our lens. The other side sticks temporarily to the iPhone. It [...]

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Samsung MV800 digital camera review

Mar 03, 2012

Samsung MV800 digital camera review Among the techniques used in photography, taking pictures at waist level (or “shooting from the hip”) can be one of the most frustrating to master. Regular point-and-shoot cameras have their screens behind the lens, so if you use them to shoot at waist level, you can’t simultaneously see the images [...]

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