I’ve been watching Kickstarter for nearly two years. The site has evolved a lot during that time. I loved the spirit of product development on Kickstarter when I first found it. Everyone was literally working out of their garage and developing innovative products.


More recently there have been a number of very successful launches on Kickstarter. Behind many of these projects there are investor backed companies. The professionalism of the videos and the marketing investment made by these companies is beyond the means of the garage band. For these projects Kickstarter is a marketing platform. Kickstarter obviously makes a lot of money from those projects and it introduces more people to the crowdfunding model, so it may not be a bad thing.


Our project is an “original” kickstart. What I mean by that is – if we are not funded on Kickstarter then we cannot make the product. This is not a marketing exercise, it is life or death for HiLO Lens :)


So we’ll make a committment to our backers. After our campaign succeeds we will not be taking pre-orders. Only backers of our Kickstarter campaign will receive product in February. We will not offer product for retail sale until after we have shipped to our backers.

Below are some “beauty shots” of HiLO Lens, yes that is a concrete brick in front of our sofa :) These photos were part of the recent press release we sent out. FYI there have been two press releases: one two