OlloCorrect was released on the App store a couple of days ago. There have been a few reviews. One stated “a must have app for all Olloclip lens owners” another said “OlloCorrect, Olloclip best friend!” There is a review in German, another review in Spanish, yet another review in French. They are all positive.

However we have 3 ratings in the App Store – all one star (from a possible five) all saying the app crashes. This is a big disappointment. There is certainly a problem – but it is hard to reproduce. The app was stable during the latest Beta testing.

Not one of the people rating the app got in touch with our support. Apps go through testing by Apple and it is not possible to release an app unless it basically functions.

The most likely cause of crashing is a lack of memory. One person raised the problem on Twitter and after powering off/on the iPhone the app worked fine. The main effect of powering the phone off/on is to start back up with the maximum amount of memory available.

People have gone so far as to write positive reviews for their blog and tweet positive remarks. But those people didn’t rate the app in the App Store. The people who rated the app had a negative experience. They got an app that promised something and did not deliver. However it is V1.0 and the app is free. They could have asked for support. Instead they chose to vent their disappointment by giving it the worst possible rating in the most public forum.

The take away from this is that I’m moving to Mars as soon as they set up a colony. But until then I’m assuming the consumer loves to pour negativity in public. Lesson learnt: make things simple and reduce risks of a bad user experience – sounds like a part of Apple’s formula :)

V1.1 of OlloCorrect is now waiting Apple’s review. If there is still a large number of users mentioning that release crashes then we’ll remove it from the App Store. The intention was to offer something valuable and free to users – not to annoy people.

OlloCorrrect is very memory intensive. It uses code from the prototype of the HiLO Lens app. We know how to solve the memory issues but it requires investing a lot of effort which we can afford if Kickstarter works out.

At the end of the day OlloCorrect will be a valuable experience. I’m just collecting “valuable experiences” a little too often at the moment :) We love to be loved don’t we.