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When HiLO Lens beats a tripod

Jan 21, 2012

There is some contradiction in using an iPhone with a tripod. The iPhone is with you all the time and slips into your pocket comfortably. But even the smallest tripods won’t fit in a pocket. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the iPhone, as a camera, is that you have it with you all the time. [...]

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Factron Quattro Review

Jan 16, 2012

iPhone camera  accessory review Fans of iPhone photography and all things durable, odd, and shiny are in for a treat with the Factron Quattro for the iPhone. The important-sounding name is really just for a case with a lens mount for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. What makes it extra special, however, is the [...]

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Mirroring without a mirror

Jan 06, 2012

When the concept for HiLO Lens (a right angle lens) first came up, the obvious solution was to use a mirror. Simple solutions are often best. A mirror angled at 45 degrees redirects the camera through a right angle. But we quickly ran into problems.

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GorillaMobile iPhone 4/4S Review

Jan 03, 2012

iPhone camera accessory review When you’re shooting with your iPhone, keeping your hands still long enough to get the right angle can be a monkey on your back. One solution for this problem would be to use a tripod. But don’t just use any old boring tripod: try putting a GorillaMobile on your iPhone!

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The HiLO Lens App

Dec 29, 2011

HiLO Lens combines a right angle lens and an iPhone app. You may be wondering why we need an app, you may know why. In either case please read on… In relation to Street Photography. When using the iPhone for Street Photography HiLO Lens allows the iPhone to be held comfortably at hip level while viewing [...]

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Glif Review

Dec 28, 2011

iPhone camera accessory review Sometimes it’s the simple accessories that we use and love most. Maybe it’s because they feel like something we would actually create ourselves or because of something else, but whatever the reason is, most of us will agree that simple accessories have a distinct charm that’s easy to appreciate. And the [...]

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Zgrip iPhone Jr. Review

Dec 19, 2011

iPhone camera accessory review One of the easiest things you can do to improve the quality of your photos or videos is to eliminate, or at least reduce, camera shake. In a perfect world, we all would be blessed with steady hands; however, only some of us have them, so for those that need something [...]

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Flip-Cage with iPhone 4/4S Mount Review

Dec 07, 2011

iPhone camera accessory review Sometimes all you need is a really simple accessory to maximize the usefulness of your gadgets. But, of course, simple doesn’t have to mean limited: that simple accessory just has to do its job well. And that’s exactly what Gary Fong’s Flip-Cage with iPhone 4/4S Mount does.

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GoPano micro Review

Dec 02, 2011

iPhone camera accessory review In the previous review, we examine a 360-degree panoramic optic called Dot; this time we’re going to examine a similar accessory called GoPano micro. And we just have to compare the two accessories with each other.

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