The suspense, the intrigue, I can’t stand it any more…

HiLO Lens is a  patents pending right angle lens for the iPhone. Why do you need this ?

  • Grab ground level perspective shots with HiLO Lens so you can look down at the screen while shooting horizontally
  • See over crowds at festivals, concerts, street performances and celebrations. Hold the iphone above your head with HiLO Lens and see over crowds while viewing the iPhone screen easily
  • Replace your tripod by sitting the iPhone on the edge of a table, HiLO Lens directs the camera horizontally

HiLO Lens will use a free App for iPhone. The combination of an accessory with an App makes HiLO Lens an Appcessory or App Enabled Accessory.

You may be wondering how the lens is holding on to the iPhone ? A magic material know as polyurethane gel has a tacky surface structure. One side of the gel pad is stuck permanently to our lens. The other side sticks temporarily to the iPhone. It does not leave any traces when you remove it. If the gel pad gets dirty then clean with soapy water and after drying it is as good as new !

When detached from the iPhone the lenses are protected by a small case.

The optics container is machined from a block of aluminium, then powder coated in matte black. Matte black helps reduce stray light.

Another post introduces the HiLO Lens App.