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olloclip Review

Nov 26, 2011

iPhone camera accessory review olloclip. When I first read the name, I thought it was a jocular alteration of all on clip—a phrase delightfully appropriate for an accessory that lets you use three different lenses with your iPhone camera. But no. According to the accessory’s website, ollo means eye in some languages, and the reason [...]

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Categories of iPhone camera accessories

Nov 24, 2011

Here’s a list of categories, for iPhone camera accessories, that we’ve come up with so far: stabilizer e.g. OWLE Bubo lens e.g. Olloclip tripod/mount e.g. iStabilizer 360 degree video e.g. Kogeto Dot case e.g. RainBallet flash e.g. iFlash button e.g. iShuttr After a fair amount of searching we found 39 accessories. HiLO Lens is in [...]

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Owle Bubo Review

Nov 19, 2011

iPhone camera accessory review If you’ve ever dreamed of improving your iPhone’s video and audio recording capabilities with one single accessory, check out the Owle Bubo. The Bubo, which happens to be the name of a very useful mechanical owl in the 1981 film Clash of the Titans, is an aluminum housing that lets you use lenses, [...]

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POPA review

Nov 15, 2011

iPhone camera accessory review Add a shutter button on your iPhone with POPA—formerly Red Pop—the latest release from Beep Industries (the same company behind the iPad accessory MoviePeg). The idea’s simple: attach the accessory to your phone’s dock connector, run the accompanying app, and start taking pictures—using a big red button instead of the tiny [...]

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Nov 12, 2011

I just stumbled over this Portmanteau. It made me think, the combination of iPhone and photography changed the way people interact with photographs. We have passed a tipping point. The quality of mobile phone cameras, the quality of mobile apps and the size of social networks have changed photography forever. The Flickr group iPhoneography groups [...]

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