iPhone camera accessory review

When you’re shooting with your iPhone, keeping your hands still long enough to get the right angle can be a monkey on your back. One solution for this problem would be to use a tripod. But don’t just use any old boring tripod: try putting a GorillaMobile on your iPhone!

Why ?

Not a lot of accessories are as innovative as the GorillaMobile for the iPhone 4/4S or the other “Gorilla” tripods made by San Francisco-based Company JOBY. Their tripods look like Buddhist prayer beads strung together to form a tripod instead of a circle. Although, their tripods can be bent to form practically any shape you desire. An amazing thing about the GorillaMobile is it’s actually useful and fun to use, and that fact alone is a big selling point.

What we love

The GorillaMobile is so fun to use that children can enjoy just bending the heck out of it. However, it’s not only fun to use but also excellent for taking pictures indoors or outdoors. Because it can be bent whichever way you want, the GorillaMobile can be formed to stand on your table, twist around your arm, hang on walls, you name it.

Aside from the bendy tripod, you also get a nice iPhone bumper case and camera adapter clip. The case is needed to attach your phone securely to the tripod, but you can definitely use it by itself. The adapter clip, on the other hand, is for attaching the tripod to other gadgets, such as your favorite point-and-shoot camera.

You might think that something as well designed and functional as the GorillaMobile would sell for an exorbitant price, but you’d be wrong. It costs around just $55. This is going to sound like what those infomercial voice-overs usually say, but wait, there’s more! You get a 20% discount if you order during this holiday season, so that’s just $44 for one brand new GorillaMobile.

What we don’t love

I have to admit that the GorillaMobile isn’t as striking as the more colorful GorillaPods. It’s a shame, too, because the colorful GorillaPods are pretty and perfect for the iPhone market, which is generally a trendy group that craves variety and options. The lack of color choices may not be a big problem for most, though.

What can be problematic, however, is all the bending and twisting you must do with the GorillaMobile. Some people may find that using the tripod is too complicated or time consuming.  Moreover, it’s not impossible for the GorillaMobile to wobble or detach from wherever you put it on, as it takes a bit of skill to form the tripod so that it works effectively.

The end game

Refreshing, useful, and reasonably priced, the GorillaMobile is certainly a good buy. It’s not hard to imagine yourself using the accessory often when taking pictures or videos with your iPhone. As well it works with your compact cameras, so even if you can’t use your iPhone, you can still use your GorillaMobile. It’s really a hard thing to dislike.