iPhone camera  accessory review

Fans of iPhone photography and all things durable, odd, and shiny are in for a treat with the Factron Quattro for the iPhone. The important-sounding name is really just for a case with a lens mount for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. What makes it extra special, however, is the duralumin it’s made of. It’s quite tough, so if you’re reprehensibly careless with your things or if you have money to spend on a quirky new thing, you may just need this accessory.

Why ?

Factron Quattro is a product manufactured exclusively in Japan by Factus Design Incorporated, which has been selling accessories for Apple products for quite a while now. The Quattro series of the company’s product line is known for its futuristic cases for iPhones and iPods. Of those cases, the FA-M-031, FA-M-060, and FA-M-080 can be attached with fisheye, wide-angle, or macro lenses. So Quattro iPhone cases can extend not only the shelf life of your phone but also your cell phone camera’s capabilities.

What we love

The duralumin of Quattro cases is used in the manufacture of aircraft, and it provides a nice degree of protection for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Quattro iPhone cases are not indestructible, but they will definitely protect your phone from the occasional bumps and hits. They’re light and easy to carry around as well: the reason your phone will stay undamaged won’t be the heavy case that makes you want to leave it at home.

Of course, we can’t fail to mention the lens exchange system that some of the Quattro cases boast. With the FA-M-031, FA-M-060, or FA-M-080, you can use three different lenses with your iPhone, so you can take those awesome, once-in-a-lifetime shots even if doing so makes it easier to drop your phone or hit it on a hard surface.

What we don’t love

Quattro iPhone cases are expensive. The most affordable model is as expensive as, if not more expensive than, an iPhone 4 (with a contract) and half the price of an iPhone 4S (with a contract). Price-conscious buyers might already be hyperventilating at the sight of its 250 to 300 dollar price tag, but that doesn’t include shipping and handling fees.

One more thing—or rather, three more things that the hefty price does not cover are the lenses. Yes, the lenses. So you’re really paying more for the futuristic duralumin case, which can feel very plain without some cool lenses.

The end game

Quattro iPhone cases are nice and all, but the pricing is a big turn off. You can make better investments by buying other iPhone accessories available in the market today. Most people would just laugh at the idea of buying an accessory that’s almost the same price as the gadget you’re buying it for, but it’s especially ridiculous to buy such an accessory if you know full well that you’re going to buy next year’s newer, hotter gadget anyway.