iPhone camera accessory review

Sometimes it’s the simple accessories that we use and love most. Maybe it’s because they feel like something we would actually create ourselves or because of something else, but whatever the reason is, most of us will agree that simple accessories have a distinct charm that’s easy to appreciate. And the very same thing can be said about Studio Neat’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S stand / tripod mount Glif.

Why ?

The Glif is possibly one of the simplest iPhone accessories you’ll ever see. It’s so simple that, at first glance, it looks like a mere piece of plastic. Well, technically, it is a simple piece of plastic, but the folks of Studio Neat had the brilliant idea of adding an internal thread and turning the Glif into a kickstand as well. The result is a lightweight, versatile stand / tripod mount that sells for $20 each.

What we love

Bargains are always good, and with the Glif, you get two accessories for the price of one. You will have a blast using it with your professional tripods if you’re a big photo or video enthusiast, and you will also have a blast using it on its own if you’re a big fan of watching movies on your iPhone or video chatting via FaceTime and Skype. It’s even better for you if you’re all of those things I mentioned.

As a tripod mount and kickstand, the Glif works. Probably exactly the way you would expect it to. Its standard 1/4″-20 threading ensures that finding a tripod you can use or choosing a tripod from your own collection isn’t going to be a challenge. Just be careful with using anything that puts your phone upside down or in any other risky position.

What we don’t love

Unfortunately, the Glif isn’t the most secure iPhone mount. It sports a simple design that requires no extra parts to do its job, and that can be a disadvantage at times. It covers only a small part of your phone, and slipping it on is as easy as slipping it off. And since you have to remove your phone’s case before you can put it on, you must be careful when using the accessory: if it slips off, it will be your naked iPhone hitting the ground.

The end game

But considering its price, compact design, and versatility, the Glif is still a pretty good buy. It’s definitely useful and cheaper than a lot of accessories available right now, so it doesn’t hurt to own one of these. You may even grow to love the Glif enough to use it every day.