Recently I looked around for groups where I could exchange ideas.

There seems to be a few distinct categories : inventors, designers and artists.¬†The creative process has always interested me. It’s interesting to see how groups form around these names.

I imagined the creative process being the same whether applied in art or science or invention. That has led to some heated debate with artists! If it is the same we would probably not see such divisions.

The inventor is primarily concerned with practicality while the artist is primarily concerned with aesthetics. However for most inventors and most artists the result is a product.

Art is produced in small quantities which frees the artist from the manufacturability constraints that an inventor is often concerned about.

The artist is solving a personal dilema while the inventor is solving someone else’s dilema. This is a fundamental difference. The inventor’s product solves a problem while the artist’s product creates a need.

Product design is at the intersection of these two worlds.

A group I’ve joined a few times now is ScribbleAKL