HiLO Lens makes some things easier, for example ground perspective photography, street photography, self portraits and taking shots in crowds. But lets get more creative.

Digital cameras have offered swivel screens for a long time. So the ability to take photos at an angle to the camera’s viewfinder is not a revolution. However most people don’t carry dedicated cameras with them all the time. Even at home the camera is probably not within easy reach. This might lead to some interesting uses for HiLO Lens. Because we carry our mobile phones all the time.

HiLO Lens has been designed to be extremely portable. It is tiny enough that even in a full handbag there is still space for HiLO Lens.

A few new uses that come to mind :

With HiLO Lens attached ground level perspective photos are easy. But we can also use the camera preview to look under objects without lying on the ground. For example :

  • look under furniture
  • find the missing toy under the bed
  • check under the car wearing a white shirt

We’ve mentioned previously the idea of looking over crowds with HiLO Lens. By holding the iPhone above your head and looking at the screen you add an arm length to your height. In my case it is as if eye level is 2.40 meters, that is serious basketball territory. Around the house this is practical :

  • look into shelves or cupboard that were too high to see easily
  • fetch the step ladder only if what you are looking for is there

For food buffs it is¬†irresistible to take photos of fantastic meals. But it is very uncool to use a flash in a restaurant and standing up to take photos of your food will not go down well. Typically this means trying to take a shot from the side of the plate or across the table, which can work, but doesn’t give us the birds eye we actually see. With HiLO Lens attached, hold your iPhone at eye level or a little higher, then you can view the screen while framing your favorite food directly below. You might also need an extra hard disk for stocking the foodie photo collection.

Do you see more ways HiLO Lens can help out ?