The bank statement fax was received the second time by Amazon and the account approved !

With the latest project submission system for Kickstarter it is possible to complete all steps of the process before submitting for final review. The Amazon Payments Business Account was accepted and is now linked to our Kickstarter account.

Kickstarter have added one more small hurdle since the last time I looked. They require a US number for contacting the project. So Skype was to the rescue, providing an Online Number.

The conclusion is that you need to have a US permanent resident or US citizen involved in the process. By creating a company we avoided the primary contact in the US needing to accept funds into a personal account.

It has taken about four months to jump through the Company creation -> US Bank account -> Amazon account -> Skype number -> Kickstarter hoops. It is a simple process for a US citizen or US permanent resident to create a Kickstarter account on their own. But for an international team the company provides a much clearer situation.