We’ve asked about your plans for using HiLO Lens and videography has come up often. We agree – HiLO Lens is awesome for getting unique video angles.

A few weeks ago I was in Union Square, NYC with a friend. We came across an amazing street performer playing the Hang instrument - a beautiful and unique sound. Javier from www.murugalas.com let us film his performance for Kickstarter – check it out below.

Please excuse my poor video skills – I need to practice more… The good news is that you can be confident of getting much better results yourself :)

It is easier to get attention for a new Kickstarter campaign. We are now 5 days into ours and have reached 33% - a great result and all the credit goes to you! Now we really need you to help keep the momentum going - please tip your favorite websites/journalists and convince your friends, family and random strangers to join us!!!