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Kickstarter and Amazon requirements

Feb 10, 2012

While going through the process of submitting the project to Kickstarter there were a couple of red flags. It was not so clear if we needed an Amazon Payments account or to fulfill Kickstarter’s interpretation of what is required for a valid Amazon Payments account. Typically Amazon Payments accounts have a verified Credit Card from [...]

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Banking in the USA

Feb 04, 2012

After Inc’ing in the USA the next step is to create a bank account. We now have an account with Wells Fargo Bank.  They require a deposit of a couple of hundred dollars (100 for checking account and 100 for savings account) and the wire has just gone through. Next step is to link this account with [...]

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Inc’ing in the USA

Jan 29, 2012

Some time ago I mentioned a desire to try crowdfunding the first production run of HiLO Lens. Our preference was for the Kickstarter platform because they have a number of successful iPhone related projects. After looking into Kickstarter I learnt that you need to have an Amazon Payments account to be able to receive funds [...]

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