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Safest Way to Photograph an Eclipse

Nov 07, 2012

Yet another great use for HiLO Lens (thanks for the suggestion Pavel) is taking photos of eclipses, with your iPhone/iPad, without risking your eyes! Attach HiLO Lens and hold your iDevice at waist level so you can look down to see the screen. By tilting the iDevice up you should be able to view the [...]

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A Real Kickstart

Nov 04, 2012

Then I’ve been watching Kickstarter for nearly two years. The site has evolved a lot during that time. I loved the spirit of product development on Kickstarter when I first found it. Everyone was literally working out of their garage and developing innovative products. Now More recently there have been a number of very successful [...]

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Videography and HiLO Lens

Oct 21, 2012

We’ve asked about your plans for using HiLO Lens and videography has come up often. We agree – HiLO Lens is awesome for getting unique video angles. A few weeks ago I was in Union Square, NYC with a friend. We came across an amazing street performer playing the Hang instrument - a beautiful and unique sound. Javier from let us [...]

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Awesome photos from Andrew

Sep 11, 2012

Previously Andrew B White took HiLO Lens out on a date. Now they have gone on a second date and the results are fantastic. I’ll let the photos do the talking, they are all taken with the HiLO Lens and edited on the iPhone. Thanks so much Andrew!

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Taking it to the streets

Jul 29, 2012

Andrew B White recently took a prototype of HiLO Lens out into Auckland city. Below are some of the photos he took. All the photos were taken with the HiLO Lens app and have not been edited with any other apps. Andrew says “instantly the HilO Lens presented me with a completely new perspective in the [...]

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New uses for your iPhone

Jul 10, 2012

HiLO Lens makes some things easier, for example ground perspective photography, street photography, self portraits and taking shots in crowds. But lets get more creative. Digital cameras have offered swivel screens for a long time. So the ability to take photos at an angle to the camera’s viewfinder is not a revolution. However most people [...]

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Shooting from the hip

Jun 25, 2012

It’s comfortable taking photos at hip level with HiLO Lens. You look down on the iPhone screen at hip level and HiLO Lens redirects the camera in front of you. When taking photos of people, hip level shots just look better. In the image below there are two photos side by side. On the left [...]

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Retro iPhoneography

Jun 23, 2012

It sounds like a contradiction in terms but please give me a minute to explain. A search for “retro camera” turns up about 60 apps on the app store. Apps for the iPhone include 6×6 which takes 6cm square images, this size was popular with old medium format film. Squara takes square photos too. Both apps has some [...]

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