Andrew B White recently took a prototype of HiLO Lens out into Auckland city. Below are some of the photos he took. All the photos were taken with the HiLO Lens app and have not been edited with any other apps.

Andrew says “instantly the HilO Lens presented me with a completely new perspective in the camera viewfinder. It was like using a completely new camera”.Andrew used HiLO Lens to capture photos of city architecture that would otherwise be difficult using the iPhone camera in a conventional way. For example, this photo below was taken by simply standing directly under a street lamp.

Andrew found it easy to walk around with HiLO Lens. In this case the HiLO Lens app re-orientated the camera viewfinder upwards to the sky. Andrew could look at the screen of the iPhone in a conventional fashion while still viewing what was above him.

Without HiLO Lens these types of shots would typically require much more set up. Firstly, you would need to ‘imagine’ what your shot was going to look like and try to achieve that by – stopping, positioning the the iPhone vertically overhead while craning your neck to see the screen before taking the shot.

With HiLO Lens you simply see the shot on the iPhone’s screen right in front of you, exactly how the framed shot will appear. This means your shots can be set up instantly and in real time – you can see their perspective and the composition easily. This makes taking shots above you or down low much more intuitive, creative and exciting – you will discover shots you would not have imagined or would not have been easy to accomplish without HiLO Lens.

Andrew says “When visiting large cities I always take photos of the architecture. This can often make you stand out as “the tourist” in a crowd (when you are holding your phone up to get a perspective shot). HiLO Lens makes it much more comfortable to get great controlled shots without unwanted attention and looking like a gymnast in the process. I’ve only started using the HiLO Lens in the last week and its like having a light go on – once you get your hands on one and start using it the opportunities for some very cool shots become clear. It is the sort of thing that makes you want to get out and shoot, just to see what you are going to find!”

Here’s one more photo from Andrews perspective: