V1.1 of HiLO Lens App Released

Aug 29, 2013

The first update of our HiLO Lens app is now available! This adds a few new features including + volume button as the shutter. * Rotate feature in photo browser improved * Long hold for shutter delay disabled if delay set to 0sec in options * Universal support for the iPad * Low resolution mode [...]

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How to align the HiLO Lens

Aug 22, 2013
iPhone 5 HiLO X Case

This is an art more than a science but I’ve found the following helpful: Make sure any bright light is behind you and shining into the HiLO Lens Hold HiLO Lens close to the camera but not touching You should be able to see the iPhone/iPad camera pupil in the lens Center the pupil in the HiLO [...]

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HiLO Lens is Shopified

Aug 21, 2013

The homepage of HiLO Lens now offers the HiLO Lens for sale. That completes the circle to a large extent. From idea to retail you have seen it all unfold. Once the Kickstarter began most of the progress updates were done through Kickstarter, quite a lot of those are public. Now that the Kickstarter rewards have [...]

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Latest News About HiLO

Apr 06, 2013

Please see our update#33 on Kickstarter. If you did not back the project on Kickstarter then availability will be around August/September. This has been pushed back (from May/June) due to some unforeseen production concerns. HiLO Lens started shipping to Kickstarter backers in June.

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Too many channels

Dec 05, 2012

I’m not talking about television but publishing on the web. With HiLO Lens we have Kickstarter updates, Kickstarter comments, email, blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr… The list goes on and I can’t keep up. I’m sure those of you following the project saw us reach our goal AND our stretch goal on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter [...]

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111% with 7 days to go

Nov 14, 2012

It has been awesome watching our Kickstarter project climb over the 100% level and keep going! We still have a week to go so there is plenty of potential yet. We have a stretch goal in sight – If we reach 136% then we will add a voice activated shutter to the HiLO Lens app. [...]

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Safest Way to Photograph an Eclipse

Nov 07, 2012

Yet another great use for HiLO Lens (thanks for the suggestion Pavel) is taking photos of eclipses, with your iPhone/iPad, without risking your eyes! Attach HiLO Lens and hold your iDevice at waist level so you can look down to see the screen. By tilting the iDevice up you should be able to view the [...]

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A Real Kickstart

Nov 04, 2012

Then I’ve been watching Kickstarter for nearly two years. The site has evolved a lot during that time. I loved the spirit of product development on Kickstarter when I first found it. Everyone was literally working out of their garage and developing innovative products. Now More recently there have been a number of very successful [...]

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Videography and HiLO Lens

Oct 21, 2012

We’ve asked about your plans for using HiLO Lens and videography has come up often. We agree – HiLO Lens is awesome for getting unique video angles. A few weeks ago I was in Union Square, NYC with a friend. We came across an amazing street performer playing the Hang instrument - a beautiful and unique sound. Javier from www.murugalas.com let us [...]

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