This is an art more than a science but I’ve found the following helpful:

  • Make sure any bright light is behind you and shining into the HiLO Lens
  • Hold HiLO Lens close to the camera but not touching
  • You should be able to see the iPhone/iPad camera pupil in the lens
  • Center the pupil in the HiLO lens
  • Push the lens onto your device
  • You are ready!

I find it very difficult to place the lens by looking at the screen – I’m guessing Michael Jordan would not have a problem… But the above advice should work for mere mortals.

If you would like an easier way to align the HiLO Lens then please check out the HiLO Lens compatible cases for:


Black iPhone4/4S

White iPhone4/4S

To use the case you remove the tacky pad and throw that away. Then you can snap fit the HiLO Lens to the case. It also allows the lens to rotate while staying attached to the case!