Samsung MV800 digital camera review

Among the techniques used in photography, taking pictures at waist level (or “shooting from the hip”) can be one of the most frustrating to master. Regular point-and-shoot cameras have their screens behind the lens, so if you use them to shoot at waist level, you can’t simultaneously see the images you capture. This could mean a lot of outtakes for you. With the 16.1 megapixel Samsung MV800 digital camera, however, you could significantly decrease the number of wasted shots.

Why ?

The MV800 has one three-inch screen, its most advertised feature, that flips up to 180 degrees. With it, you can position the camera way high up or way down low and still see the screen before you hit the shutter release buttons. Yes, buttons. One at the top and another at the back of the camera’s main body. The adjustable screen, on the other hand, has the Home and Playback buttons.

What we love

Ground-level photography is easier with the MV800. Its fun screen effectively takes the guesswork out of ground-level photography by allowing you to easily view ground-level pictures and videos before they are captured, which is also what HiLO Lens is especially designed to do. And you don’t have to tilt your head more than you should when looking at the screen—even if it’s flipped at a 180-degree angle. The screen detects its position and automatically adjusts the display to suit the angle you set it at (a similar auto-rotation feature is provided by the HiLO Lens app).

Surprisingly, the rotating LCD doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the MV800. Having dimensions of 3.62″ × 2.21″ × .72″, the camera is nice and compact, which is nice if you want something not too obtrusive. And it only comes in classic black, so that’s a plus for those who dislike cameras that look like flashing neon signs.

MV800 also offers some nice customization options. You can change the wallpaper on the screen’s display, use art filters and frames, and manually edit your pictures with Funny Face. Funny Face lets you bend and stretch (and ultimately mess up) your friends’ faces as well as your own with just a tap of your finger. Kids will likely enjoy these options most.

What we don’t love

Apart from the rotating LCD, nothing really sets the MV800 apart from other compact cameras. Picture quality is average; it’s slightly better than what you get with cell phone cameras. And so the $280 price tag may not please some buyers.

Moreover, the rear shutter release button should probably be elsewhere; being at the middle of the camera’s posterior side, it isn’t always easy to press. Holding the camera very high or very low can make the button trickier to reach.

The end game

If you have ever used the bathroom mirror to take a self-portrait you will love the MV800. It’s designed for people who want to see the screen no matter which angle they point their cameras at. The screen is MV800’s main selling point, and it’s the standout feature of the camera, a rare feature for a point and shoot camera. With this camera you can take photos from new angles and capture more memorable moments. But if you own an iPhone then we suggest waiting for HiLO Lens !