iPhone camera accessory review

Dying to get your hands on the latest 360-degree imaging accessories for iPhones, Android phones, or Windows phones? Check out BubblePix’s BubbleScope. And if you’ve ever been involved in crowd funding or you want to become involved, read on because you may be among the few people who get to show off their own BubbleScopes before it hits the market.

Why ?

BubbleScope is a panoramic lens that works with iPhones, Android phones, and Windows phones. Its inventor, Tom Lawton, has devoted 10 years to perfecting the accessory, which continues to undergo refinement at this time. But don’t think you have to wait another decade just to purchase a BubbleScope. It will be released in the spring, and the forecast is it will be better than currently available panoramic lenses for smartphones.

What we love

BubbleScope lets you create 360-degree pictures and videos easily. It requires you to use a specialized app, but you won’t have to endure long processing times and you can instantly save or share BubbleScope-shot pictures and videos (both dubbed bubbles), which are actually nicer than those shot with similar accessories available today. The app also enables previewing, so whatever you want to shoot—not a swirly, hot mess—will show up on your phone’s screen.

Another great feature of BubbleScope is its “capsule design.” When attached to your phone’s camera, BubbleScope won’t force you to hold your phone in an awkward manner. You just hold your phone the way you always do—with the screen facing you so that you see exactly what you want to capture. Plus, the optics are retractable and secured in place via a locking cap, so it has ample protection from dust, dirt, and anything else that can affect the quality of your bubbles.

But perhaps the most noteworthy thing about BubbleScope is its being “future-proof”: no more wondering whether you can use it with newer phones, because even if your next iPhone, Android phone, or Windows phone has a different size or camera position, all you need to get is a brand new BubbleScope casing. The casing, not the lens, will be redesigned to suit upcoming iPhone, Android phone, and Windows phone models.

What we don’t love

But for how long would most people want to keep a BubbleScope? Future-proof sounds a bit gimmicky. To sentimental folks, BubbleScope is probably a dream come true; not everyone may share their sentiment though. Fans of image quality, for example, are likely to start looking for more powerful optics the moment they get the latest mobile phones.

The end game

BubbleScope gives similar accessories a run for their money; the extra features alone can convince investors to back BubbleScope on CrowdFunder. But BubblePix seems to be aiming higher. Their latest announcement is that they’re improving their product further to exceed expectations, but the announcement was made almost four months ago. If the late update doesn’t alarm you, however, you really should visit BubbleScope’s CrowdFunder page.