Some time ago I mentioned a desire to try crowdfunding the first production run of HiLO Lens. Our preference was for the Kickstarter platform because they have a number of successful iPhone related projects.

After looking into Kickstarter I learnt that you need to have an Amazon Payments account to be able to receive funds via their platform.

After looking into the Amazon Payments conditions I discovered that you need to be a US based entity to get an Amazon Payments account.

After looking for mail order brides from the US I realized we needed a different strategy. So we established a US based company. With the hope that this company can get an Amazon Payments account and therefore we can kick off a Kickstarter campaign.

A good friend living in the US is helped to make all this happen. We now have a shiny new company registered in Delaware.

Next step is setting up a bank account so we can get the Amazon Payments account…