The Eastman Kodak company’s Brownie camera popularized low-cost photography and introduced the concept of the¬†snapshot.

The Brownie was held at hip level and the user looked down into the view finder. This gives an original perspective to the old Brownie photos. With the HiLO Lens attached you can get the same perspective!

The Brownie produced square photos and the Hipstamatic app was one of the first iPhone apps to offer square photos with retro style filters. They appear to have been inspired by the Brownie camera. Turn on the HiLO Lens app option Photo Setting > Square Photos to get square photos from HiLO Lens.

When the HiLO Lens app is taking square photos try the  Photo Setting > Field of View > Wide option. This way you benefit from the wider angle of the HiLO Lens. Then you can get as much of the scene into a square photo as you would with the larger 4:3 aspect images.

After taking the photo with your HiLO Lens app use an app like Picfx to give the retro look.


Photo by Jason Matthieson