As we pointed out in previous articles, ground-perspective photography does not have to be difficult but can still create dramatic photos.

However, taking a great photo can take more than just getting low and shooting pictures. A good photographer creates a sense of order and direction in his or her pictures. One of the easiest ways to do this is by incorporating different lines in your picture.

Although this isn’t a ground view photo, it does a good job incorporating lines, which helps direct the viewer to the bare tree in the middle of the picture. The horizon also helps to anchor the image.

Not only will the lines help to create a sense of depth in the photo but subconsciously, the eye will automatically follow, which will create a sense of direction.

Sure, it is a photo, and not a road map. But direction within a photograph is still important, especially if there are different elements in the photo.

Without a sense of direction you can end up confusing your audience, which could turn them off. They might not even realize why they don’t like the photograph but they can’t shake the feeling that it is too busy.

Lines can also take a fairly boring picture and introduce a new element. For example our picture of the swamp is fairly simple; even without the rail creating a line, the viewer’s eye would be drawn to it. However, the rail creates a sense of depth within the picture so instead of just a boring shot of a tree we have something that is a little out of the ordinary.

In a previous article we featured a picture of a Christmas tree in a mall. There were actually two strong horizontal lines in the left hand side of the picture. The grey lines on the floor and the railing on the right helped lead the viewer to the Christmas tree.

The last piece of advice we can leave you with is to not force lines into your image. The more natural they appear the more dramatic the picture will look.