Sometimes the easiest way to create an exciting photo is by changing your perspective; one of the most dramatic perspectives in photography is from ground level. There are some elements, we will touch on, that can make it easier to get that great shot.

Dog from ground level

Firstly try and get close to your subject, especially if you are taking a picture of a person or an animal. The closer you are the more dramatic your image will be.

When photographing people, it is remember to keep the camera at a low angle, this means that your subject should also be relatively close to the ground. Shooting up from the ground at a sharp angle can highlight the chin and neck area, which can be unflattering. You also risk shooting up your subject’s nose if you are too close and that is never pretty!

If you are taking a scenic picture then you have a little bit more flexibility; in this scenario keep a good balance between the foreground and the background. By incorporating part of the ground, directly in front of you, you can great a strong sense of depth as the background shrinks.

This leads us to our next element, which is depth of field. As you experiment with ground-level shots, you will quickly realize that the depth of field will be your best friend.

Ground level photography is extremely flexible; depending on your subject, there are times when you want a wide depth of field (with means a large amount of the photo is in focus) and there are times when you want a narrow depth of field (only specific area is in focus). The only true way to know what will work is to get out and experiment.

A good general rule, if you are shooting a specific object, is to have a narrow depth of field. This will give the viewer something specific to focus on instead of just wandering around the picture. In a scenic photo it is okay for the viewer to wander around the image and soak it all up so you can use a wide depth of field.

The second-to-last piece of advice for all photographers is to be prepared (just like a boy scout). Ground level photography is very rewarding but is also very dirty so if you know you are going to take these specific pictures make sure you have a blanket you can lay on and a change of clothes for your subject.

Always have fun, the more fun you have, the more it will reflect in your photos. Keep on shooting!