In a previous article, we shed some light on Candid Photography and how it can immortalize precious moments. Here, we will be talking about Street Photography and how is it different from other styles of photography. HiLO Lens is an accessory for the iPhone camera that makes street photography simpler and more fun. But there is no need to wait for HiLO Lens.

Candles for sale in the street

Street Photography is a documentary style that portrays day to day life in public places. In other words, it’s candid photography taken out on the streets. Wikipedia has a nice article introducing Street Photography in more detail. A great street photograph captures a scene realistically and objectively. The technique of the photographer is not at the forefront, so the scene looks perfectly natural.

Here are some tips to improve your Street Photography and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Organize a Photowalk – Yes! “Photowalk” simply means walking with a camera in order to take photographs along the way. Organize a walk with some friends and invite others to join. It will give you a chance to appreciate and photograph unnoticed things that are around you every day.
  2. Go Experimental – Try and experiment with new angles. Some subjects might look better and more interesting in some angles. Try shooting from the hip to have a different perspective
  3. Get Real – Ever wonder what happens before and after a street performance? Go and take a photograph of what is happening before and after these kinds of events, show what is happening behind the scenes.
  4. Keep on Moving – Holding a camera and standing in the middle of the crowd will surely catch their attention. Try to move around to prevent this; of course you don’t have to move in circles.
  5. Always be ready – Hold your camera always or as often as possible. In Street Photography, everything happens in mere seconds and when you have you camera in your pocket, you can kiss that moment goodbye. Also, prepare the correct setting for your camera. This will make things easier for you.
  6. Look like a beginner – Seriously, this one helps a lot. People won’t be give you much attention when you’re taking photographs and will think that you’re a newbie fiddling or playing with his camera settings
  7. Master Your Camera – Get used to your camera as if it’s your second skin. Master every detail in it and this will do wonders for you when taking photographs.

Take a walk outside with your camera and share your world through your photographs. Keep On Shooting!