Candid Photography is getting more attention these days. Nearly everyone has a camera with them, thanks to the digital cameras in mobile phones. In this article we will be sharing some pointers from photographers who specialize in candid photography. HiLO Lens is an accessory for the iPhone camera that makes Candid Photography simpler and more fun. But there is no need to wait for HiLO Lens.

Candid Photography is where everything is immediate and usually, captured without letting the subjects know they are being photographed. Here are some points to consider if you are aiming for a candid shot.

  1. Quick thinking – If you want to shoot candid photographs, better prepare your reflexes and mind. In candid photography, light may vary from room to room (if indoors) and having the right exposure will be a very big factor in determining a good photograph from a great one. Be prepare to adjust your camera in every situation, and learn to memorize the settings you will be needing in taking candid photographs

  2. NO FLASH – Ever wondered why secret agents use silencers in their guns? Using your flash will tip them off that you are taking their photograph, thus taking away the basic concept of candid photography.

  3. Shoot, Shoot and Shoot – You don’t want to miss a scene just because you stopped shooting. Don’t hesitate to shoot in burst mode for this will help you capture the priceless and precious moments that might only happen once in a life time

  4. Autofocus – Yep, you read it right, it’s the word autofocus. You don’t want to capture the perfect moment, with the perfect angle and the perfect emotion with the background focused instead of the flower girl smiling innocently in the middle of the wedding aisle.

  5. Shoot from the Hip – Raising your camera makes people conscious and it’s a obvious sign that you are intending to take a photograph of them. Try shooting from the hip where most people won’t notice. Just remember to zoom out your camera before shooting.

  6. Photograph from a distance – If shooting from the hip won’t work and you need to raise you camera, try to photograph from a distance. This way, you’ll attract less attention from your subject even if your camera is already raised.

  7. Learn to blend in – If everybody’s laughing, try to blend in and laugh, that way nobody will notice that you are already taking photographs.

  8. Pick your spot well – Some shots are better in certain angles and some look horrible depending on your point of view. Position yourself close to the couple if you intend on capturing priceless moments during their wedding. You’re not doing a landscape shot so don’t position yourself in the farthest part of the room. Pick your spot strategically.

Good candid shots are not voyeuristic, rather we want to capture the raw emotion of a certain moment and preserve it through a photograph. Keep on shooting!